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Annual session 2014 - Advance documentation


Please note that the following documents are advance copies subject to change in the final versions. Final versions of documents are available on the Official Document System of the United Nations (ODS) in all offical languages once issued. No password is required to access the site. On the ODS search home page, please click on the 'Simple Search' link.  This will in most cases help you find the desired document.  Enter the available information in the designated fields and hit the search button.


Item 1. Organizational matters
DP/2014/L.2 Provisional agenda, annotations, list of documents and workplan Document (all languages)
DP/2014/9 Report of the first regular session 2014 Document (all languages)
  Report of the joint meeting  of the Executive Boards of UNDP/UNFPA/UNOPS, UNICEF, UN-Women and WFP English
DP/2014/10 Decisions adopted at the first regular session 2014  
Item 2. Annual report of the Administrator
DP/2014/11 Report of the Administrator on the strategic plan: performance and results for 2013 Document (all languages)
Annexes   English
DP/2014/11/Add.1 Report of UNDP on the recommendations of the Joint Inspection Unit in 2013 English
DP/2014/11/Add.2 Statistical annex English
Item 3. UNDP strategic plan, 2014-2017
  Integrated results and resources framework, 2014-2017 English
Item 5. United Nations Capital Development Fund
DP/2014/12 Report on results achieved by UNCDF in 2013 Document (all languages)
  UNCDF integrated results and resources framework, 2014-2017 English
  UNCDF integrated results and resources framework, 2014-2017 - Methodological note English
Item 6. United Nations Volunteers
DP/2014/13 United Nations Volunteers: Report of the Administrator Document (all languages)
Annexes Statistical overview of UN Volunteers English
  Financial overview of UNV English
  UNV strategic framework and integrated results and resources matrix, 2014-2017 English
Item 7. Evaluation
DP/2014/14 Annual report on evaluation, 2013 Document (all languages)
  Full report  
  Management commentaries on the annual report on evaluation, 2013 English
Item 8. Country programmes and related matters
DP/2014/15 Extensions of country programmes Document (all languages)      
results matrix
Evaluation Plan CP results summary
DP/DCP/AGO/3 Draft country programme document for Angola Document (English, French, Spanish) English English ADR
DP/DCP/COM/2 Draft country programme for the Comoros Document (English, French, Spanish) Français Français Français
DP/DCP/KEN/2 Draft country programme for Kenya Document (English, French, Spanish) English English ADR
DP/DCP/KWT/2 Draft country programme for Kuwait Document (English, French, Spanish) N/A English English
DP/DCP/TUN/2 Draft country programme for Tunisia Document (English, French, Spanish) Français Français ADR
DP/DCP/VEN/2 Draft country programme for Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) Document (English, French, Spanish) Español Español English


Item 14. United Nations Office for Project Services
DP/OPS/2014/2 Annual report of the Executive Director Document (all languages)
DP/OPS/2014/2/Corr.1 Corrigendum Document (all languages)
Annexes Annexes 1-4 English
  Annex 5 English


Item 15. Internal audit and oversight
DP/2014/16 UNDP: Report on internal audit and investigations Document (all languages)


  Annual report of the Audit Advisory Committee for the calendar year 2013 English

Management response to the UNDP report on internal audit and investigations for 2013, including the report of the Audit Advisory Committee for 2013

DP/OPS/2014/3 UNOPS: Activity report for 2013 of the Internal Audit and Investigations Group Document (all languages)
Annex 1

Unresolved audit recommendations issued more than 18 months before 31 December 2013

Annex 2

Titles of all internal audit reports issued during the year 2013

Annex 3 Strategy and Audit Advisory Committee - annual report 2013 English
Annex 4 Reports issued by the Internal Audit and Investigation Group in 2013 relating to preliminary assessments or investigations which resulted in a finding of misconduct English

Management response to the activity report for 2013 of IAIG and and the activities of the Ethics Officer in 2013

Item 16. Reports of UNDP, UNFPA and UNOPS Ethics Offices
DP/2014/17 Activities of the UNDP Ethics Office in 2013 Document (all languages)
  Management response to the report of the Ethics Office for 2013 English
DP/OPS/2014/4 Activities of the UNOPS Ethics Officer in 2013 Document (all languages)