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Executive Board

The Bureau

The Bureau of the Executive Board is comprised of one President and four Vice-Presidents, elected from the members at a special election meeting ahead of the first regular session each year, taking into account the need for equitable geographical representation.

The primary functions of the Bureau include preparation and organization of Board meetings, facilitation of transparent decision-making, and promotion of dialogue, including during informal consultations and briefings. An important part of the functions of Bureau members is that the President and Vice-Presidents represent their regional groups, and as such, brief the Board members on its deliberations and share information with their respective constituencies (including interested Observer delegations).

H.E. Ms. Yoka BRANDT

Permanent Representative of The Netherlands to the United Nations
Group of Western European and other States

H.E. Mr. Martin KIMANI

Permanent Representative of Kenya to the United Nations
Group of African States

H.E. Ms. Alya AL-THANI

Permanent Representative of Qatar to the United Nations
Group of Asia-Pacific States

H.E. Mr. José Manuel Rodríguez CUADROS (Peru)

Permanent Representative of Peru to the United Nations
Group of Latin American and Caribbean States