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UNDP and the Private Sector 

“While the private sector can bring both agility in delivery and new approaches to financing the SDGs, the UN has an important role to play in creating an enabling environment for business to contribute.” —Achim Steiner, UNDP Administrator. 

The private sector is critical to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – by creating employment, building skills, spurring innovation, providing essential infrastructure, and supplying affordable goods and services.  

The private sector is also crucial to SDG achievement as an investor of much-needed capital. Through its partnerships with private-sector actors, UNDP can influence the adoption of inclusive and sustainable business practices. 


Why partner with UNDP?  

In today’s economy, companies worldwide recognize the benefits of putting people and the planet on par with profits.  

However, incorporating sustainability into business models is a complex process that companies may not be able to handle on their own. UNDP is well-positioned to help make markets work for the SDGs through its:  

  • Global presence, including fragile, conflict-affected, and transitional contexts; 
  • Role as an operational backbone of the United Nations system; 
  • Positioning as an honest, neutral broker with governments and the private sector;  
  • Mandate on sustainable development, democratic governance, peacebuilding, crisis prevention and recovery, and resilience. 

UNDP’s experience with the private sector spans inclusive business, livelihoods, value chain development, market-driven climate solutions and more. 



Focus of UNDP’s work with the private sector 

UNDP is committed to making markets work for the SDGs – emphasizing gender equality and the inclusion of all people. Its vision is to make the SDGs a global guiding framework for businesses, investors, and governments. 

This commitment is driving UNDP’s work towards the ‘moonshot’ targets elaborated in its 2022-2025 Strategic Plan

  • Mobilizing US$1 trillion in public and private finance to generate catalytic impact on the SDGs 
  • Helping 100 million people to escape multidimensional poverty; and 
  • Supporting access to clean energy for an additional 500 million people. 


How is UNDP leading private-sector engagement in the SDGs?  

UNDP assists national governments in aligning private investment with their sustainable development priorities, influencing businesses of all sizes through enabling policy and regulatory environments.  

In addition, it works directly with private companies to embed the SDGs into their business models and governance processes while collaborating with public, private, and multilateral actors to facilitate multi-stakeholder partnerships.  

These innovative financing and partnership solutions have a proven record of accomplishment of leveraging private capital for the SDGs and galvanizing businesses to incorporate sustainability into their operations. 


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