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UNDP and civil society

Civil society actors at national and global levels have developed substantive capacity and influence in a range of development issues. Partnering with them can help contribute to the effectiveness of development interventions, especially with respect to marginalized and vulnerable groups.

The success of development and participatory governance depends on both a robust state and an active civil society with healthy levels of civic engagement. This is key to the work of UNDP in strengthening inclusive, responsive and accountable governance institutions and practices.

UNDP partners with a broad range of formal and informal civil society organizations that are outside the state and market. These include social movements, volunteer organizations, indigenous peoples' organizations, mass-based membership organizations, non-governmental organizations, and community-based organizations, as well as communities and citizens acting individually and collectively.

UNDP’s partnership with with civil society actors spans multiple domains, including programme implementation, policy development and advocacy. Recognizing that civil society actors often serve as both a driving force in guiding development policies and as a watchdog to make sure policies get implemented, UNDP facilitates civil society participation in all facets of Agenda 2030 implementation.