Sustainable Development Agenda for Nepal


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Sustainable Development Agenda for Nepal

April 8, 2013

This Sustainable Development Agenda for Nepal (SDAN) is an attempt to spell out what such a path may look like. It is a national document prepared by His Majesty's Government following a series of consultations with our national and
international development partners. As a broad Agenda, SDAN is envisaged to be a process in motion that complements and guides all sectoral and periodic plans of the government. This Agenda also meets in advance part of the government's commitment to fulfill one of our Millennium Development Goals of having a national agenda and strategy on sustainable development in place by 2005. Thus it expected to remain relevant and to be implemented over the next fifteen years. The broad goals and thematic assessments, as well as the summary of policies contained herein are consistent with the projected trajectory in development of different sectors that HMG has articulated in greater detail elsewhere.

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