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Senior Management

Ayshanie Medagangoda-Labe
Resident Representative

Julien Chevillard
Deputy Resident Representative



Focal points for different practice areas and units:

Name of Focal PointsThematic/Practice Areas

Binda Magar, Assistant Resident Representative

E-mail: binda.magar@undp.org


Dharma Swarnakar, Policy Advisor 

Email: dharma.swarnakar@undp.org

Inclusive Economic Growth

Vijaya Singh, Assistant Resident Representative

E-mail: vijaya.singh@undp.org

Resilience, DRR and Climate Change

Nibedan Baidya, Operations Manager

E-mail: nibedan.baidya@undp.org


Ambika Amatya, Head of Procurement

Email: ambika.amatya@undp.org


Rina Chhetri, Head of Human Resources

E-mail: rina.chhetri@undp.org

Human Resources


Aman Shrestha, Head of Experimentation
E-mail: aman.shrestha@undp.org

Binita Karki, Head of Solution Mapping
E-mail: binita.karki@undp.org

Purnima Bajracharya, Head of Exploration
E-mail: purnima.bajracharya@undp.org


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