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UNDP Nepal and the UN

UNDP Nepal's programme and priorities are set out by the Country Programme Document, in collaboration with the Government of Nepal. 

UNDP, as part of the UN family, works jointly with several agencies to tackle issues in Nepal that span different agency mandates. UNDP works with FAO, ILO, IOM, UNCDF, UNEP, UNFPA, UNHabitat, UNHCR, UNICEF, UNV and UNWomen. Joint programmes include gender equality and women’s rights, human rights, environmental sustainability, and more.

UNDP’s work is coordinated with 15 other UN agencies in Nepal through the United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF 2019-2022). In preparation of a new UN country framework, and UNDP’s new country programme, a thorough review was conducted in 2017 to assess the impact of the past plan and to inform the direction of the new five-year plan that began in 2018.

UN agencies in Nepal:


Joint Engagement in 2021

UNDP, in cooperation with WHO Nepal, supported the Ministry of Health and Population to digitize vaccine certification—through joint advocacy in the pre-registration campaign, the vaccine certificates of 600,000 individuals went digital Led the coordination support to vaccinate 15000 UN personnel, dependents, partners from the most excluded groups against COVID 19, in partnership with ION, RCO and the Ministry of Health and Population. UNDP also provided support in developing public service announcements, which helped people get information about the COVID-19 vaccine pre-registration process. In the provincial level, health officials were trained on post-vaccine data management. UNDP continued its support of vulnerable groups in 2021. Together with UN Women, UNDP implemented the “Prayash” project, through which over 2350 vulnerable women received temporary basic income, and were empowered on financial literacy. Then, in a symbolic stance against gender based violence as part of the 16 Days of Activism, UNDP together with UN agency lit iconic Dharahara and Patan Durbar Square orange.

Working with the UN family, UNDP engaged young people and youth organizations through youth-focused and youth-led activities. For instance, UNDP and UNICEF in Nepal collaborated for the Generation Unlimited (GenU) youth challenge and the Adolescent and Youth Friendly Local Governance (AYFLG) programme. GenU aims to enhance the capacity of adolescent girls for campaigning against various social problems, while AYFLG strives to enhance the capacity of local representatives to develop adolescent and youth-friendly programmes. UNDP also collaborated with the United Nations Youth Group in support of National Youth Council, WWF Nepal, and CREASION to commemorate International Youth Day 2021. The Youth Innovation Workshop was conducted over two days, bringing together 20 participants from diverse backgrounds to discuss and share perspectives regarding the challenges facing the food system in Nepal.