How we do business

UNDP procurement is based on the principles of:

  • Best Value for Money
  • Fairness, Integrity and Transparency
  • Effective International Competition
  • Interest of UNDP (economy, efficiency, equal opportunity to compete, transparency in the procurement process)

UNDP Procurement is governed by an Internal Control Framework as well as the norms contained in the Financial Disclosure and Declaration of Interest, and Impartiality Statements (FDP). In order to provide a faster procurement process and delivery of goods and/or services, UNDP observes the local and international market, negotiates and maintains local Long Term Agreements (LTA) for goods and services that are frequently used by Business Units and development partners.

The UNDP Nepal Procurement Units in Kathmandu aims to providing quality service and effective delivery. Apart from locally negotiated contracts and long term agreements, the Country Office has access to contracts that have been signed at the corporate level trough the headquarters located in New York and Copenhagen.

The Procurement Unit Kathmandu manages goods and services by liaising with project personnel on specifications, delivery/payment terms and funds availability for procurement planning; identifying the appropriate procurement methods, submitting procurement information and requests to the Contract, Asset and Procurement Committee (CAP) and Advisory Committee on Procurement (ACP); ensuring access to favourable prices, reliable delivery terms, insurance, impartial advice and recognition of environmental and safety considerations.  In addition, the Procurement Unit manages the engagement of individual contractors, maintains and updates the roster of suppliers, and conduct surveys of the local market.

For more details about Procurement Methods and for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), refer to UNDP Procurement (Updated February 2020)


Vendor Protest

UNDP’s vendor protest procedure provides an opportunity for appeal to those persons or firms not awarded a purchase order or contract through a competitive procurement process. In the event that a Proposer believes that it was not treated fairly, the following link provides further details regarding UNDP vendor protest procedures. Please consult UNDP Policy against Fraud and other Corrupt Practices.


Procurement notices



Gender Responsive Procurement

UNDP has initiated gender repsonsive procurements through following process:

  • During the evaluation process ensure that the organization Institutions, businesses, and organizations have a GESI policy or strategy, and a code of conduct or policy on the prevention of sexual exploitation, sexual exploitation, and harassment
  • Women-owned businesses and businesses owned by persons with disability are given extra points
  • UNDP provides orientation on gender mainstreaming for procurement to the external vendor
  • For Individual consultant/personnel under proposed human resources (for Women, Madhesi men, Dalit men, Religious minority men, Disadvantaged Janajati men, Persons with disability) additional point are given.



Expression of Interest

UNDP's Support to Community Schools in Remote Areas for Pandemic Prevention and Green Recovery (SSPP-GR)
project aims to pilot an integrated approach to community resilience building, focusing on equal access to essential services and basic infrastructure provided to community schools. The approach will target community schools, students, and families with tailored interventions.In this context, UNDP seeks to procure consultancy services to develop the technical specifications and Bill of Quantity (BOQ) of a list of household items for procurement and support to the most vulnerable families in Madhesh Province.

The working arrangement will be on an intermittent basis for 15 working days spread over duration of 20 Jan 2024 to 21 June 2024.

All experienced and interested experts are invited to submit their (1) CV and (2) short cover letter with relevant experience documents in a single pdf file to  with a subject line : PROCUREMENT- EOI  by  15 Jan 2024.