Practitioner Guideline for the Operation of Judicial Committee


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Practitioner Guideline for the Operation of Judicial Committee

December 1, 2020

UNDP's Enhancing Access to Justice through Institutional Reform Project (A2J Project) has developed a Practitioner Guideline for the operation of Judicial Committee (JC) in the COVID pandemic context. The guideline highlights on the challenges faced by victims in accessing justice during the pandemic and details out the rights and responsibilities of the Judicial Committee and its roles in delivering justice at local level particularly focusing on   women, children, senior citizens, Dalit and other marginalized communities. This basically provides the guideline for the operation of the JC during and post lockdown period. The guideline covers issues such as; needful preparedness for the continuation of the judicial services and communication thereof, service delivery, safety and security of victims and incident management personnel, facilities relating to health and safety, discourse of communication against gender based violence,  coordination and collaboration among the stakeholders, developing checklist for the monitoring committee formed  for relief distribution and quarantine management in view of addressing  the corona pandemic etc.