Post Disaster Recovery Framework (PDRF)

Post-Disaster Recovery Framework (PDRF)

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Post Disaster Recovery Framework (PDRF)

May 11, 2016

The National Reconstruction Authority (NRA) of the Government of Nepal published the Post-Disaster Recovery Framework (PDRF) 2016-2020 to provide a systematic, structured and prioritized framework for implementing recovery and reconstruction of Nepal, struk by the devastating earthquake of April 2015.

Prepared with technical and financial support from including UNDP and the World Bank, the PDRF is a common framework meant to serve all of government, as well as national and international partners and other recovery stakeholders, including the affected population. The framework lays out strategic recovery objectives and summarizes in an integrated manner the policy decisions, institutional arrangements, financing and financial management strategies, as well as implementation and monitoring systems that are being put in place to plan and manage recovery and reconstruction. It also sets out sector priorities that will contribute to the achievement of the strategic recovery objectives.

The PDNA prepared in 2015, led by the National Planning Commission (NPC), forms the basis for the PDRF, with strategies, priorities and financial requirements updated as required.

A PDF version of the document can be downloaded form the link on the top right corner of this page.

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