Nepal Disaster Report 2009 : The Hazardscape and Vulnerability


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Nepal Disaster Report 2009 : The Hazardscape and Vulnerability

April 8, 2013

Nepal Disaster Report: The hazardscape and vulnerabilities is an indication of Nepal’s resolve to tackle the challenges posed by natural disasters. For a country facing the difficulties of socioeconomic development, efforts to address the risks of disasters are necessary because disasters undermine social and economic well-being. By highlighting challenges and presenting the way forward, this report shows the growing sense of urgency and the need for seriousness in reducing disaster risks in Nepal.

The preparation of the report highlights the concerns of disaster mitigation and by presenting the hazardscape and vulnerabilities of its people, attempts to provide a glimpse of the challenges facing the country. Because it is the first of its kind, the report has not been able to comprehensively capture the country’s entire disaster risk management terrain. It recognises the need to evolve a more nuanced approach for the second Nepal Disaster Report.

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