February 1, 2022

What is the timeline for the innovation program?

The timeline for the Urban Innovation program is February to June 2022. The ideation program will take place for 3 months (March-May) and Demo Day will take place in June.

Do I need to have a registered company to apply?

No, you don’t need to have a registered company to apply. However, in order to get the seed fund the company needs to be registered in KMC.

How will the ideas be selected for the program?

The ideas will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • Actionable: Your idea should have potential to create a positive impact in the community.
  • Innovative: Your idea should demonstrate the ability to address directly or indirectly the urban challenges in the thematic areas of Tourism, Health and Environment.
  • Catalytic: Your idea should demonstrate the potential to sustain and/or scale-up and achieve socio-economic, development and environmental impacts. 

What happens if my idea is selected?

If your idea is selected by the panel, you will work with a team of analysts, public and private sector practitioners and experts to:

  •    Develop or refine your idea.
  •    Better understand your target audience and better adhere to their needs and the demands of the ever-changing environment.
  •    Improved understanding of Gender Equality and Social Inclusion.
  •    Develop a detailed implementation plan - outline 1 year business milestones.
  •    Produce promotional content such as pitch deck.
  •    Present your idea to stakeholders - donors and investors.
  •    Potentially receive endorsement from KMC and UNDP.

Can I participate from outside of Kathmandu?

Yes, however a minimum of 1 person from your team would have to be physically present in Kathmandu to participate in the program (market research, surveys) and the final Demo Day event.

 How will COVID-19 impact this program?

Given the unpredictability of the situation due to COVID-19, all activities planned in the curriculum might take place virtually.

What happens if I or my team cannot guarantee 100% participation or attendance during the three month ideation program?

You and your team’s participation and attendance will be monitored throughout the three month program and will be a crucial part of your final evaluation.

Will the organizing committee take stock or equity in my business?

No, the organizing committee will not take stock or equity in your business.

On what basis the team will be selected in getting the seed fund?

The business idea should be viable, scalable and help address current urban issues in Kathmandu. The team dynamics and seriousness of each individual member will also be crucial. Additionally, the company has to be registered in KMC.

Do we need to show the proof of our expenditure after we receive the seed fund?

KMC and UNDP expect that the idea will be nurtured during the program, which will eventually be materialized in the form of business through the use of the seed fund. Proof of expenditure includes 3 quotations, invoices and receipts along with any other documentation applicable to the use of the funds. These need to be submitted to both the organizations.