Miyaheli winner ‘Hivvaru’ launches website, opening new doors for local freelancers

May 31, 2023


'Hivvaru' - a winner of the Miyaheli Social Innovation Camp in 2021 held their first investors night last week, showcasing their website, www.hivvaru.com - dedicated to connecting local freelancers with clients.

Their idea is to develop a one-stop-shop for Maldivian freelancers to find jobs and gigs, and clients to hire talent with an approach to build public trust in their platform and in the gig economy. The team unveiled future and products in development.

UNDP Maldives is proud to support innovative solutions or #SalhiHalleh that increases access to economic, social, and political opportunities for people. Miyaheli Social Innovation Camp 2021 is one such intervention, supported by the Government of Australia and Ooredoo Maldives, that opens the door for young people to find solutions that have positive impacts on society. The series brings together youth, ideas, mentors and digital and non-digital tools to create innovations on pressing social issues.