Future of Work in Baa Fulhadhoo

April 5, 2023


The UNDP Maldives Acc Lab is collaborating with local communities to create innovative solutions for the future of work. The seaweed fertilizer experiment in Baa Fulhadhoo is inspired by the community's strong connection to the ocean and biodiversity.

The initiative combines indigenous knowledge and grassroot innovation to develop sustainable farming practices using seaweed-based fertilizers. Through co-experimentation and citizen science, participants in the project learnt how to make seaweed-based fertilizers and identified scalable solutions for the community.

The UNDP Maldives' Acc Lab is exemplifying its commitment to sustainable development and the empowerment of local communities through this initiative. By co-creating solutions with the communities, the Acc Lab is helping to build more resilient and sustainable livelihoods for the future.