Leading the Charge in Sustainable Waste Management with EV Adoption

UNDP Maldives and The Coca-Cola Foundation Collaborate to Support WAMCO Enhance Recycling and Waste Management

March 18, 2024
One of the specialized vehicles handed over to WAMCO near the sign board for the initiative with all partner logos visible

One of the specialized vehicles handed over to WAMCO

18 March 2024: As the world celebrates #GlobalRecyclingDay, the Maldives is marking a significant step in its journey towards sustainable waste management. Under a partnership between the Waste Management Corporation of Maldives (WAMCO), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in the Maldives, in collaboration with The Coca-Cola Foundation, we handed over six specialized vehicles to WAMCO, two of which are Electric Vehicles (EVs), marking the first-ever addition of EVs to WAMCO's fleet.

These vehicles, comprising two EVs and four petrol vehicles, signify a strategic move to bolster waste collection capacity, particularly focusing on PET and plastic materials. This initiative aims not only to enhance recycling rates but also to mitigate environmental degradation, aligning with efforts to combat climate change and preserve our environment's ecosystems.

Some of the specialized vehicles handed over to WAMCO being flagged off on the move on the road

The specialized vehicles handed over to WAMCO being flagged off

Of the six vehicles handed over, the allocation plan is significant. Two EVs will be deployed in Villimale', two petrol vehicles will serve in Hulhumale', and the remaining two will operate in Gaafu Dhaalu Thinadhoo. This distribution strategy underscores the initiative's commitment to addressing waste management challenges across diverse geographical settings within the Maldives.

UNDP DRR speaking at the handover ceremony near mic

UNDP Deputy Resident Representative in the Maldives, Pek Chuan Gan, speaking at the handover ceremony.

"This is not merely the handover of vehicles; it represents our collective commitment to driving change," remarked Pek Chuan Gan, emphasizing the transformative potential of this partnership. "We are steering towards a cleaner, greener environment, where waste is not just managed but transformed into a catalyst for sustainability."

One of the specialized vehicles handed over to WAMCO on the move on theroad

One of the specialized vehicles handed over to WAMCO on the road.

The initiative aims to improve PET and plastic collection processes, augmenting WAMCO's existing capabilities with dedicated vehicles tailored for efficient waste management. By enhancing PET recycling rates, the initiative seeks to mitigate PET waste accumulation and combat marine pollution, safeguarding the delicate marine ecosystems upon which the Maldives depend.

Moreover, the initiative extends beyond the mere provision of vehicles. It encompasses comprehensive public awareness campaigns, knowledge management initiatives, and capacity-building activities aimed at fostering a culture of sustainable waste management practices. Additionally, exploratory endeavors aim to expand this initiative into WAMCO's regional waste collection operations, ensuring its impact resonates beyond urban centers.

As we commemorate #GlobalRecyclingDay, we recognize the significance of collaborative partnerships in driving sustainable change. The UNDP Maldives-WAMCO partnership, supported by The Coca-Cola Foundation, exemplifies the power of collective action in charting a course towards a greener, cleaner, sustainable future.

All partners and teams at the handover ceremony pose for a group photo at the handover ceremony