Mission and Vision

UNDP Maldives envisions to improve the quality of life for all through sustainable measures by creating an inclusive, resilient, healthy, caring, tolerant and skilled society.  


What do we hope to accomplish?  

UNDP works closely with the government, civil society, private and public partners both international and local, other UN agencies and the Maldivian public, to find sustainable and reasonable solutions to development challenges. Our main focus for the Maldives has been the alleviation of poverty, democratic transitions, environmental protection, climate change mitigation and adaptation, and shock and crisis resilience. UNDP’s current mandate follows the CDP priorities centering around three areas: prosperity, planet, and peace. Our action plan includes the provision of technical expertise, policy advice, advocacy, knowledge sharing, and dialogue. 


Our results so far… 

More than four decades of impressive results:  

  • Addressed environmental sustainability and climate change through successful implementation of pilot initiatives in atoll/island level 

  • Introduction of atoll ecosystem-based conservation initiative in 2011 which received international recognition as the UNESCO-declared Baa Atoll Biosphere Reserve.  

  • Water security and climate change adaptation addressed in a national policy level 

  • Introduction of UNDP’s Governance Programme to support the increase of legal awareness and strengthening of decentralization frameworks.  

  • Emphasis on encouraging instillation of a balance of power system among government institutions and empowerment of civil society and media.  

  • Increase of gender equality and empowerment by strengthening capacity needs.  

  • CPD aims to sustain a stable development process to empower every last person.  


Our impact in 2021