Civic Education for Youth Programme 2023 Concludes

August 6, 2023


Supported by UK Aid from the British people and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the Civic Education Training Programme for Youth in the Northern Atolls was a 6-day training, which took place from July 31st to August 6th in Shaviyani Atoll Milandhoo. It saw the active participation of 27 young individuals from the islands of Haa Dhaal, Haa Alif, Noonu, and Raa Atoll. 


This training provided young people with a comprehensive understanding of civic concepts, including citizens' rights and responsibilities, and enhanced their ability to confidently articulate democratic processes, such as elections. By strengthening civic knowledge and leadership skills, the programme aimed to empower youth to actively shape their communities and encourage meaningful civic participation.


During the training, participants also engaged with the Milandhoo Council, learning about the importance of community engagement and public consultation in the decentralization process. The President, Vice President, and council members of the Council shared their mandates, projects, and the challenges they face, providing invaluable insights into local governance and community-building.


In addition, participants dedicated a day to explore the host island of Milandhoo, where they honed their roles as responsible citizens, emphasizing the safeguarding of natural resources for a sustainable future.


At the end of the training, all participants presented their final projects and shared invaluable insights gained from their participation.

The successful completion of the training exemplifies the potential of youth when provided with the right tools and knowledge. Empowered with civic education, these 27 young participants are now equipped to make a meaningful and lasting impact on their communities, underscoring the importance of active citizenship in building a brighter future for the Maldives.