Tadamon CSO Empowerment Initiative Successfully Concludes Two-Day Interactive Training Program on Crowdfunding for Local CSOs

October 8, 2023


Tadamon - CSO Empowerment, a joint initiative by Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) and Lives and Livelihoods Fund supported by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), commences a two-day interactive training program for Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to raise funds using crowdfunding for their pitches for the development of their communities/society.


8 CSOs from across the Maldives presented with visibility, funding, capacity building, and knowledge at the live workshop.


This workshop empowers local CSOs who have submitted proposals with the know-how to build and grow their community, give their projects more visibility to engage donors and partners, create compelling stories, and finance their projects and ideas. 


Our sincere gratitude to the Bank of Maldives for their session on ‘Kindly by BML’ for the CSOs at the Tadamon Crowdfunding Academy in Maldives held today. 


UNDP Deputy Resident Representative Pek Chuan Gan congratulated the CSOs and thanked IsDB Group and ISFD. "Tadamon acts as a bridge, connecting CSOs with stakeholders. It not only provides visibility and funding opportunities but also invests in enhancing the capacity of CSOs.