UNDP Europe and Central Asia

Legal Framework

UNDP works to improve the lives of people around the world. It has a plan for 2022-2025 that outlines its main goals and strategies and the plan is called the Strategic Plan 2022-2025. Similarly, UNDP also has a Regional Programme Document (RPD) for Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States, 2022-2025.

The RPD is based on the Strategic Plan and focuses on the common problems and opportunities that the Europe and Central Asian countries face, and how they can work together to solve them or benefit from them. 


UNDP also has a Country Programme Document (CPD) for each country, which outlines the main development challenges and opportunities, the expected results and resources, and the monitoring and evaluation plan at the country-level.

Download CPDs for Europe and Central Asia countries from the below table:

Countries and territoriesYear


Albania2022-2026Country Programme Document
Armenia2021-2025Country Programme Document
Azerbaijan-Relevant docs
Belarus2021-2025Country Programme Document
Bosnia Herzegovina2021-2025Country Programme Document
Georgia2021-2025Country Programme Document
Kazakhstan2021-2025Country Programme Document
Kyrgyzstan2023-2027Country Programme Document
Kosovo2021-2025Relevant docs
Moldova2023-2027Country Programme Document
Montenegro2023-2027Country Programme Document
North Macedonia2021-2025Country Programme Document
Serbia2021-2025Country Programme Document
Tajikistan-Relevant docs
Türkiye2021-2025Country Programme Document
Turkmenistan2021-2025Country Programme Document
Ukraine2018-2022 (extended until 2023 by decision of Executive Board)Country Programme Document
Uzbekistan2021-2025Country Programme Document