Europe and Central Asia

About us

UNDP in Europe and Central Asia

UNDP's goal in Europe and Central Asia is to help eradicate poverty in all its forms, accelerate the transition to sustainable development, and make sure countries and people are able to withstand crises and shocks. We work to make sure the most vulnerable and excluded are not left behind, develop game-changing solutions to accelerate sustainable development, and promote prevention and preparedness.

Our plan

The Regional Programme 2022-2025 adopts the directions of change outlined in the UNDP Strategic Plan 2022-2025 and captures them in the following priorities:

  • Accelerating structural transformations for green, inclusive and just transition;
  • Leaving no one behind in addressing both poverty and inequalities;
  • Building resilience to shocks and crises through more risk-informed development.

Each programmatic priority applies, tailors and combines the UNDP global offer of signature solutions: poverty and inequality; governance; resilience; environment; energy, gender equality and development impact, including the cross-cutting enablers referenced in the Strategic Plan, i.e., strategic innovation, development financing and digitalization. Guided by UNDP’s regionality principles, the programme also takes into account the development consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic since 2020.