Executive Board

Secretariat of the Board

UNDP / UNFPA / UNOPS Executive Board Secretariat

Mr. Jordi Llopart
Secretary, UNDP / UNFPA / UNOPS Executive Board
(212) 906-5576


Ms. Dalita Balassanian
Policy Specialist
(212) 906-6564

Ms. Svetlana Iazykova
Documents Officer
(212) 906-5708

Ms. Henrietta Bledman
Executive Board Officer
(212) 906-5738


Mr. Samuel Choritz
Chief, Executive Board Branch
(212) 297-5016

Mr. Horst Rutsch
Senior Editorial Adviser
(212) 297-5045

Ms. Elena Kasko
Executive Board and Governance Specialist
(212) 297-5009

Ms. Lourdeth Ferguson
Editorial and Research Associate
(212) 297-4952

Editorial and Website Assistant
(212) 297-5017


Mr. Thomas Lundum 
Head of Executive Support

Mr. James Provenzano 
Director of the New York Office, General Counsel and
Director of the Legal Group

Ms. Elle Wang
Partnerships Specialist
(212) 457-1829

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