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UNDP Global


Executive Board

Secretariat of the Board

UNDP / UNFPA / UNOPS Executive Board Secretariat

Mr. Jordi Llopart
Secretary, UNDP / UNFPA / UNOPS Executive Board
(212) 906-5576


Ms. Dalita Balassanian
Policy Specialist
(212) 906-6564

Ms. Svetlana Iazykova
Documents Officer
(212) 906-5708

Ms. Henrietta Bledman
Executive Board Officer
(212) 906-5738


Mr. Samuel Choritz
Chief, Executive Board Branch
(212) 297-5016

Mr. Horst Rutsch
Senior Editorial Adviser
(212) 297-5045

Ms. Elena Kasko
Executive Board and Governance Specialist
(212) 297-5009

Ms. Lourdeth Ferguson
Exexutive Board Officer
(212) 297-4952

Ms. Nardin Said
Editorial and Website Assistant
(212) 297-5017


Mr. James Provenzano 
General Counsel, Director of New York Liaison Office

Mr. William Axelsson
Head of New York Liaison Office, a.i. 
+1 (917) 957 1592

Ms. Sarah O'Neill
Partnerships Assistant
+1 (917) 519 1434