People for 2030 - UNDP’s people strategy

The goal of People for 2030, launched in June 2019, is to progressively transform UNDP’s culture and capacity to deliver more and better results – enabling the organisation to successfully implement its Strategic Plan. The main aim of the new Strategic Plan (2022-2025) is to work with countries to expand people’s choices for a fairer, sustainable future, and build the world envisioned by the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

At the end of People for 2030 Phase 1 (2019 - 2021), it is clear that huge strides have been made towards the implementation of this ambitious vision, resulting in tangible progress and visible changes. Some 95% of the recommendations set out in the Strategy were implemented by the end of 2021, with progress on the remaining issues well advanced. The People for 2030: Achievements Report sets out what has been achieved under the first phase. 

Download People for 2030 Phase 1 (2019-2021): Strategy Document

Download People for 2030 Phase 1 (2019-2021): Achievements Report


People for 2030 Phase 2 (2022 - 2025) will continue building on and implementing in full the new, future-oriented and effective HR and talent management systems, policies and processes developed under the first phase.

Download People for 2030 Phase 2 (2022-2025): Strategy Document

Download People for 2030 Phase 2 (2022-2025): Progress Report - Oct. 23

About People for 2030 Phase 2

The objectives of Phase 2 will be achieved by continuing to follow the principles underpinning the People Strategy:

  1. Sharing accountability for delivering the strategy and each making our own personal contribution to the work of UNDP

  2. Ensuring that managers at all levels are capable of leading and developing people effectively

  3. Systematically addressing HR issues and their root cause in a holistic way

  4. Equipping UNDP with modern and effective management tools and policies that will help managers and personnel in general to feel valued and to give their very best.



Delivering a global People Strategy amidst a pandemic

Implementing a people strategy in a decentralized organization with a dynamic work environment, and at this scale, is a complex process. However, the magnitude of the complexity at hand was further compounded by the global pandemic. In this blog we reflect on the factors which have been central to achieving this system-wide change despite a complex environment that became even more complex as the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the world.

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People Awards

Each year, UNDP's Country Offices participate in the People Awards - a challenge to see which country office can demonstrate the most effective approach to delivering the goals of the people strategy. People for 2030 can only be delivered through shared accountability for implementation across the organization, and these initiatives demonstrate that colleagues echo this sentiment. 

In October 2021, UNDP hosted the second People for 2030 Awards, and it was great to see how colleagues continue to double down on delivering the people strategy in their respective workplaces. From Fiji all the way to Mexico, there were 30 excellent proposals that highlighted innovative and valuable initiatives.

Here we spotlight the 5 winning proposals and hear more from colleagues about the motivations behind these initiatives and impact driven by them.




Stories from around the world

People for 2030 is fortunate to have some very talented People Champions who embody and inspire change in their respective Country Offices. Our blog shines the light on them and their innovative implementations.

How UNDP Country Offices are Shaping Generation Equality 

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UNDP Receives Career Development Roundtable Award for Innovation in Recruitment

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