Working at UNDP

Our Work

UNDP’s mission is an ambitious one: to lead the United Nations in its fight for a world without poverty, in which women are empowered, inequality is addressed and the planet is protected.

How do we achieve such a grand vision?


Building a Better Future for All

When you join UNDP, you are lending your time and skills toward building a more prosperous, fair and inclusive world for people in need around the world.

Our promise to you in return?

You will have a stake in the People for 2030 Strategy, that reflects our commitment to our own people, to the UN community and to those we serve. This strategy ensures that our promise to our employees are kept through shared accountability measures, by making sure that HR-related issues are addressed at their root and by equipping management with the tools to make all our people feel valued.

You will join a workplace of world-class collaboration, innovative thinking and continuous learning for all employees.

Community of Purpose

When you join UNDP, you are joining an organization that values input from colleagues, stakeholders and partners across the UN family. You are not just choosing a job, you are choosing a community of collaboration and mutual care, of people working together with a shared sense of purpose.


Next Gen Thinking

When you join UNDP, you are joining a mission that demands and encourages innovative thinking and provides space for creative input. Working to achieve such ambitious goals across so many countries and communities in a fast-changing world requires room for original thinking and creative contributions from all of our people.


Personal Growth

When you join UNDP, you are joining a community that aims to elevate and empower every employee to grow not only professionally, but also personally. UNDP’s core commitment to development therefore extends to our own people who are encouraged to build their career journeys through a multitude of opportunities for continuous learning and improvement, and who know that good work will be recognized and rewarded