Service Contractors

UNDP uses the service contract (SC) modality to hire development project personnel, where UNDP is requested by an executing entity or implementing partner or where UNDP itself serves as implementing partner of a development project. UNDP will also hire under the SC modality for non-core support services that would normally be outsourced to a company, such as for custodial, security and IT services.

The SC modality is a non-staff contractual modality which is used by UNDP country offices and regional centres outside of Headquarters only. Individuals hired under the SC modality are hired locally and must be nationals or otherwise legally authorised to work in the country.

UNDP’s Service Contractors are considered to be individual contractors and their conditions of service are set contractually. The conditions of service for service contractors are distinct from those offered to staff members but are competitive in the local market where the modality is used.