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Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know whether I am a serious candidate for the position to which I applied?
You will be contacted directly by UNDP. Unfortunately, we are only able to respond to those applicants in whom we have a further interest.

How can I learn more about UNDP? 
To find out more about UNDP, visit About Us or go directly to

How does the selection process work? 
Your application will be reviewed carefully in relation to the requirements of the position and the relative qualifications of other candidates. All short-listed candidates will be interviewed and reference-checked. Interviewed candidates will be informed of the outcome within about two weeks from the date of the interview.

How will I know that I am selected and when I am expected to start? 
The duration of selection processes may vary among hiring units. If you are the candidate selected for the position, you will be usually informed within approximately two weeks from the date of your interview. An offer will be made shortly thereafter. You can expect to start within approximately six weeks from the date that you are informed of your selection.

May I apply to more than one position?
Yes. You may apply to more than one position. You must submit a separate application for each position for which you wish to be considered. Please review the requirements for each position carefully and only apply to those for which you are qualified and fully meet the requirements.

Does UNDP offer any assistance to find employment for my spouse in the country where I will be working? 
We very much appreciate that the career of one spouse may be interrupted with the relocation of another. While we do not have a formal programme of spouse employment assistance, we encourage new staff to let the UNDP Country Office in the location of assignment know of their interest in finding suitable employment for their spouse. Moreover, visit UN Global Mobility for more information.

With whom will I be working? 
The job description, under 'Duties and Responsibilities' describes the organizational framework in which you will be working.

If you are experiencing difficulties with online job applications, please contact