Developing Innovation-driven and Sustainable Civil Society in Azerbaijan

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Project summary

Over the past years, CSOs in Azerbaijan have reportedly faced certain legal and political limitations that resulted in scarce opportunities for financial and technical support for the CSOs and reduced civic space.  Recent developments point that there are visible improvements in the CSOs operating environment that open up a possibility to revive donors’ efforts in support of the CSO sector and expand avenues for CSOs cooperation with the Government around social issues. Against this background, the project is designed as a multi-dimensional response to accelerate the development and growth of the civil society sector in Azerbaijan through, inter alia, promoting social entrepreneurship culture and innovative solutions.


Project objectives

Overall objective The project’s overall development objective is to contribute to building conducive environment for a vibrant, sustainable and innovation-driven civil society in Azerbaijan.
Specific objectives

SO 1. To increase CSOs capacities to engage in policy-making and foster local development;

SO 2. To build an enabling ecosystem and capacities for social entrepreneurship and social innovation.


Expected results

The project’s objectives will be achieved through the delivery of the following Expected Results (ER):

ER 1. Capacities of the CSOs for policy engagement around development issues are strengthened.

ER 2. Essential capacities of the region-based CSOs as actors in local development processes are built.  

ER 3. Conducive ecosystem and enabling opportunities for boosting the start and development of social enterprise are improved.

ER 4. Social Enterprise Platform is established and promoted.