Shahla Aliyeva: "If you want to build your life, start somewhere".

January 18, 2023


Shahla Aliyeva is 56 years old and has one child. She did not work for a while and received social assistance. When the assistance was stopped, relatives and neighbours wer there for her to support. But realizing that this support will not be forever, she starts her search of new opportunities.

When her neighbor told Shahla about the Tartar women's Resource Center and presented a booklet with an announcement from the Women's Resouce Centre, she initially did not believe that there was such a place. But when she hears that the services of the Center are free of charge, she realizes that there may be a place of hope.

She puts aside all her doubts and applies to the Center for membership. Shahla successfully completes her participation in communication and advocacy trainings provided by the WRC.

Shortly after the trainings she applies for the job opportunities in her town. Using the knowledge gained in the training sha manages to find a job. Shahla is now a housekeeper at the Max market store.

And to motivate other women she says:

"I urge our ladies to join the Women's Resource Center. Do not sit at home. If you want to build your life, start somewhere".