The Women's Resource Center in Aghjabadi becomes a place of hope for a woman fighting for her children

May 5, 2023
Like any other young girl, at the age of 21, Nargin Guliyeva (name is fictional) believed that when she got married, she would have a happier and more beautiful future if she met the person of her dreams.


Family life, which began with high hopes, lasted for thirteen years.
Influenced by his mother and sister, her husband has changed his attitude towards Nargin completely over time. Her husband began to use physical violence against Nargin. Challenges kept piling up and so was violence from her husband, mother-in-law and sister-in-law. She was threatened with her 3 children. Nargin, unable to see her children, was also kicked out of the house. Being crushed under the weight of all this.
Although it is difficult to see the light in challenging times, it manages to make its way towards us. Women's Resource Center becomes that light for Nargin. There, at one of the events she met Center coordinator Gulshan Gasimova. Feeling that Nargin has a problem, the coordinator advised her to use psychological support. Realizing that she will not be able to cope with the problems on her own, the woman decided to follow coordinator's advice.
"I met with the psychologist. I told her everything about my life. The first thing she said to me was that life was not over and I could fight for my children.”
But a new difficulty was at the door of Nargin who had just begun to come to the sessions. Nargin, who was also afraid they would take her third child, was on the edge of taking her own life. The Center coordinator and psychologist were there to bring her back to life thanks to the conversations in the middle of the night. Having learned that she would be able to reunite with her children and that legal services would be provided to her for this, the woman was determined to fight for her child.
She kept her hope and worked hard on herself.
Joining the career development trainings organized by the center, the woman mastered all the secrets of the recruitment process and prepared her first professional resume. Along with this, she also attended professional courses on basic computer skills. Ready to start a professional life, Nargin took her first step and was soon hired.
"I got a lot from this center. I learned to stand on my own feet. Here I saw that our women, no matter the difficulties, discovered themselves thanks to the Center, their outlook on life changed. Life is beautiful and worth living.”

Psychological support in Aghjabadi WRC is being provided within the ““Empowering and creating equal opportunities for vulnerable, conflict affected women in Azerbaijan to overcome barriers towards greater economic and social participation (ECEO)” project implemented by UNDP and SCFWCA with the support of the UK Government.