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Policies and Procedures

The Programme and Operations Policies and Procedures (POPP) provide operational standards and procedural guidance on core business processes. The POPP is almost entirely accessible to the public. You can see how, for instance, we approach programme and project management, how we manage financial and human resources, or how we work in crisis situations. The one section that is not open to the public covers our arrangements for security.

The POPP contain links to non-UNDP documents, such as internal documents from the United Nations Secretariat or the United Nations Development Group. Access to these documents is limited to individuals and organizations who have been granted a username and password. If you are unable to access these resources, please contact these organizations directly for further advice. UNDP takes no responsibility for the views or content, including accuracy thereof, contained in these documents.

For any questions about the POPP, please email or visit the POPP platform website.