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UNDP Ethics Office

What is our mandate? The UNDP Ethics Office cultivates and nurtures a culture of ethics, integrity and accountability at UNDP, thereby enhancing the trust in, and the credibility of, the United Nations, both internally and externally. The Office assists the UNDP Administrator in ensuring that all personnel perform their functions consistent with the highest standards of integrity as required by the Charter of the United Nations. The Office is a confidential resource where personnel may consult on ethics issues and seek protection against retaliation for reporting misconduct.

What do we do? The Ethics Office delivers its work through five, key strategic functions: (a) Advice and guidance; (b) Protection against retaliation; (c) Ethics training, education and awareness raising; (d) Annual financial disclosure programme; (e) Coherence of ethical standards.

How do we work? UNDP’s Ethics Office is independent from management and other UNDP offices, and reports directly to the Administrator. It operates on the basis of impartiality and upholds the confidentiality of information that has been entrusted to it. 

Who do we serve? The Ethics Office serves all UNDP staff members, service contractors and other personnel, including UN Volunteers working or assigned to UNDP worldwide.

Inter-Agency Collaboration The UNDP Ethics Office was established in 2007 pursuant to ST/SBG/2007/11. It is a member of the Ethics Panel of the United Nations and the Ethics Network of Multilateral Organizations.

We promote a culture of ethics based on UNDP's core values: 
Integrity, Accountability, Transparency, Professionalism, Mutual Respect, Results Orientation (through Principled Performance)

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