New report on strengthening science-based climate action in education is now available

July 26, 2023

The report highlights the importance of understanding the climate crisis and generating various solutions based on applied science

A new report has been released by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), INGEV, Education Reform Initiative, and Fun Science on how to raise awareness of children and youth on climate change more effectively at schools in Türkiye. The publication summarizes the results and recommendations shared at the “Strengthening Science-Based Climate Action in Education” workshop, organized by the initiative’s partners on 17 December 2022 in Istanbul.

During this workshop, discussions were held among CSO representatives and academicians working in the fields of climate and education, on how to strengthen the position of climate action in applied and science-based education. They demonstrated the importance of understanding the climate crisis and generating solutions based on applied science. Discussions focused on the needs, existing solutions, and future solution proposals related to education, science, and climate topics.

Emphasizing the significance of interdisciplinary collaboration and co-creation, the workshop showcased how effective results can be achieved by working together towards a common goal for all humanity. At the end, the teams collectively underlined several points such as the importance of localizing climate action, approaches that place both humans and nature at the center, designing inclusive modules, and incorporating technology and gamification as tools in these processes.

Increasing students' awareness of the climate crisis is of critical importance in the fight against it. Working on integrating its causes and consequences into education in a more tangible and science-based manner play a significant role in driving change. Competent institutions, organizations, and individuals in this field have a crucial role in this regard.

To read the report please visit this link.