Participatory walk-through energy efficiency audits get launched for households in Türkiye for the first time

December 23, 2022

With the support of UNDP, heat loss audits will be conducted with innovative methods to ensure energy efficiency in Ankara

UNDP supports a new initiative implemented by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, Department of Energy Efficiency and Environment (EVÇED) to detect heat leaks in households and take measures for heat loss with thermal imaging technology. Aiming to increase energy efficiency in the short/medium term, audits will be implemented on a pilot scale in the capital Ankara.

Measurements will be carried out in the households of residents who request audit, and the measures that can be taken against heat leaks will be conveyed to them by EVÇED experts. Residents will be able to request an audit by submitting an application with the form below and subject their homes to a free of charge heat audit and energy efficiency analysis.

Aiming to create a scalable model for households, businesses and public institutions at different scales and across various geographies, this service will be offered to the residents of Ankara at the first stage. Heat audits are generally performed with the help of advanced and costly equipment. However with thermal camera devices integrated into mobile phones, audits can also be carried out in a more affordable and accessible way.

Thermal cameras have functions that demonstrate where the heat is concentrated or lost by coloring the temperature divergences at visualized locations. Thus, it is possible to figure out the necessary measures to distribute the heat more efficiently by observing the heat distribution, which is not normally seen, in a concrete way. With this new technology, heat audits, that can be carried out in any place, is expected to be a method that will both create a roadmap to ensure energy efficiency and reduce heating costs in the short/medium term.

The initiative is expected to help clarify how the operating mechanism of the heat audit systems should be engineered, as well as understanding whether there are commonalities among the residential buildings and types of heat leaks in Ankara. The study will have an important role in understanding the residents' approach for this analysis and providing the basis for studies on thermal insulation and other energy efficiency methods. After the monitoring and evaluation work is completed, the aim is to transform the audit and measure practices carried out in households into a model to be replicated in other parts of Türkiye.

Applications for heat audits will be collected and treated on the basis of “first-come, first-served” principle, and household visits will be scheduled respectively. Applications will be collected for the following Ankara central districts within the scope of the pilot practice: Altındağ, Çankaya, Etimesgut, Gölbaşı, Keçiören, Mamak, Pursaklar, Sincan, Yenimahalle.

Residents who are interested in having a heat loss audit at their household can fill out this form until 15 January 2023.

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