UNDP publishes new guide with Legal Design Türkiye to improve violence survivors’ access to justice

January 10, 2023

UNDP prepared a set of four brochures to provide a roadmap for women survivors of violence, in collaboration with Legal Design Türkiye.

The new set of publications prepared using the legal design method will empower women survivors of violence and help them receive critical information on legal aid

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in collaboration with Legal Design Türkiye, prepared a set of four publications to provide a roadmap for women survivors of violence. The knowledge products include the steps that women can take before, during and after experiencing violence and the legal options available to them.

Using language that is not intimidating, understandable and empowering, the initiative aims to provide information that will empower each survivor of violence and help them to overcome the difficulties and obstacles on their journey to attaining justice.

The brochures contain crucial information on violence against women, which remains one of the most serious and widespread human rights violations, affecting one in three women in the world. They include the steps women can take when seeking their rights, institutions and organizations that can help them, and the steps that should be followed by those who witness violence. In addition, critical steps to be taken in sexual assault cases and how to prepare a safety plan are also presented. The brochures are available digitally and in print, and are also produced in English for the benefit of non-Turkish speakers living in Türkiye.

In order to make legal systems and services more understandable, useful, and satisfying, the brochure set was produced using the 'legal design' method which involves the application of human-centred design to the legal world. Legal Design Türkiye, with which UNDP collaborated in this initiative, is the country’s first social enterprise to promote the use of legal design. All documents providing guidance to women survivors of violence in the process of accessing justice should be prepared by taking the needs and wishes of the survivors into account.

The set can be downloaded free of charge and distributed digitally or in print by anyone, especially organizations working in the area of violence against women, as long as no changes are made to the content.

Please click here to access the brochures.