Eight fellows for investigative climate reporting.

April 5, 2024

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) organized a Green Media Gathering and Fellowship under Climate Promise initiative in 2023. This workshop specifically targeted journalists from Nepal's Karnali Province. The goal was to deepen their understanding of the country's climate situation and its commitments under the Paris Agreement.

The workshop encouraged participants to focus their reporting on local environmental issues. Journalists were invited to submit story pitches, and eight individuals with strong pitches and a demonstrated interest in investigative climate reporting were chosen for a fellowship opportunity.


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Rajani Yogi

1. Rajani Yogi

Rajani Kumari Yogi from Dullu Municipality, Ward No. 10, Dailekh has worked as journalist and has been affiliated with Gorkha Patra Daily. Rajani has over a decade of experience crafting impactful stories on societal concerns. As a part of the fellowship, she examined the effect of climate change in orange farming through case studies in the village of Dailekh district.

Link: हाँगा सुक्न थालेपछि सङ्कटमा ‘सुन्तला जोन (



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Lalit Budha 

2. Lalit Bahadur Budha

Lalit Bahadur Budha, a journalist at Annapurna Post Daily, started his journalism career in 2008. Now Bureau Chief in Karnali, he focuses on social and environmental issues. Driven by his deep concern for the environment, Buda's reporting highlights the challenges faced by women and children due to climate change and its impact on people's lives. He aims to inspire action and awareness through his stories, advocating for stronger government policies to address these pressing issues. 

Story Link: पानीको अभावले थप्दैछ महिनावारीको बेलामा संकट  (SatyaPatrika)


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Sushil Khadka

3. Sushil Khadka

Sushil Khadka formally started journalism from Bardiya in 2009. He mainly writes news related to construction, social issues, agriculture, health, education and climate. Sushil highlights the issue of villages in Surkhet district being deserted due to water scarcity. This lack of water is forcing residents to migrate despite the availability of fertile land.
Video Link: Video | Facebook



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Ohm Shahi

4. Om Shahi
Ohm Shahi began his journalism journey in Surkhet almost a decade ago, working for various print media outlets before joining He has consistently focused on human rights issues affecting local communities. He aims to promote transparent governance and sustainable development through insightful reporting and policy analysis. As part of the fellowship, Ohm reported on the impact of climate change in apple farming in Gurans Rural Municipality. 
Story Link:


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Laxmi Bhandari

5. Laxmi Bhandari

Laxmi Bhandari started her journalism journey 12 years ago from Surkhet district, reporting for national news agency, Himal khabar and Bhandari is covering stories on critical social concerns like women, children, and the environment. In her fellowship story, she underscores her concern about climate change's impact on local resources causing the rural migration.

Link: खाली हुँदै राम्चे गाउँ (AkSanchar)



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Sirjana Budathoki

6. Sirjana Budathoki Dangi

Sirjana Budhathoki started her journalism career as a radio journalist in Surkhet. Her focus is on underrepresented groups: women, children, sexual and gender minorities, and the environment. Srijana aspires to make a real difference in these areas, wielding her journalism for greater societal impact. Her fellowship story examines the unplanned urbanization's link to Birendranagar, Surkhet's water crisis.

Link: बढ्दो जनसंख्या र शहरीकरणले निम्त्यायो वीरेन्द्रनगरमा खानेपानी संकट  (News of Nepal)



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Jagatdal Janala BK

7. Jagatdal Janala BK

Jagatdal Janala BK is the Provincial Correspondent and Executive Editor at Janchaso Khabar and and is passionate about social issues, marginalized communities, and environmental journalism. Currently pursuing his MA in Mass Communication and Journalism, Jagatdal strives to give voice to the voiceless and advocate for policy changes that create a positive impact across all social classes. His current focus is on climate change and the challenges faced by communities due to dwindling water resources.



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8. Tekraj KC

For the past ten years, Karnali-based journalist Tekraj KC has been a vocal advocate for social, cultural, economic, and environmental issues. His fellowship story, broadcasted through a radio program, highlights the threats to cultural heritage and biodiversity in Surkhet. Tekraj exposes how rising temperatures, fueled by climate change, are leading to the loss of culturally significant flowers, disrupting both the ecosystem and traditional practices.