Handbook on Owner Driven Housing Reconstruction


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Handbook on Owner Driven Housing Reconstruction

February 2, 2022

This Handbook is designed to serve as a guide for those tasked with responding to post-disaster housing reconstruction using an owner-driven housing reconstruction (ODHR) approach. It details the various processes, tasks and interventions involved in designing and managing ODHR programmes. The Handbook focuses on two critical aspects of ODHR: (i) principles and key processes, and (ii) methods of facilitation.

Although it is based on UNDP experience in Nepal, the Handbook has been designed as a guide for post-disaster housing reconstruction programmes in any context. Wherever relevant, the Nepal experience has been put up as box items in the Handbook to enable readers to visualize what actually happens during the housing reconstruction process. The Handbook is intended to help governments, international and national agencies and civil societies to respond quickly after a disaster and prepare them for future hazards, as well as enabling them to support resilient reconstruction.

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