A pond constructed in Halesi Tuwachung-1, Majhi Basti in Khotang district

Developing Climate Resilient Livelihoods in the Vulnerable Watershed in Nepal


Developing Climate Resilient Livelihoods in the Vulnerable Watershed in Nepal Project focuses on safeguarding vulnerable communities and their assets from climate change-induced disasters by applying a long-term, multi-hazard approach with a particular stewardship role for women and marginalized communities.  The project aims to strengthen the functional integrity of the pilot watershed through multiple activities including capturing the policy, institutional knowledge gaps and adoption of new tools and techniques.



A long-term solution to the climate change problem is to rehabilitate and maintain functional integrity of watersheds that have critical functions of water storage and release, infiltration, drainage control with due emphasis on resilient livelihood development. With the federal system in Nepal three spheres of government are responsible in managing the natural resources, disaster risk, and climate changes issues. The coordination and harmonization of policy and institutional frame, adoption of adaptive innovative technology, and building community stewardship are becoming critically important to address these multifaceted problems. To address this, a pioneer initiative is taken through Global Environment Facility (GEF)-Least Developed Country Fund (LDCF) project “Developing climate resilient livelihoods in the vulnerable watershed in Nepal”. The project is being implemented at the pilot scale in Lower Dudhkoshi watershed, major tributary of Sunkoshi sub basin, located in eastern part of Nepal.

Major Achievements

  • Four local level climate-friendly IWM operational directives are endorsed and one province-level IWM operational directive published in the local gazette
  • 40 water sources protection works completed
  • 8 Catchment Pond construction completed
  • 8.6 km of contour trench construction completed

Over 2000

people benefitted from the water management schemes


water sources protection works completed

8.6 km

of contour trench construction completed

Project Outcome

  • Outcome 1: Integrated watershed management framework established to address climate change induced floods and droughts
  • Outcome 2: Integrated watershed management practices introduced and scaled up in 1 watershed covering 782.68km2 of watershed areas and benefiting 121,606 vulnerable people.

GESI Component

Project has developed a Gender Action Plan (GAP) that helps in mainstreaming GESI in developing climate resilient livelihoods in the project working areas. The DCRL project also emphasized integrating GESI across the project cycle. GESI will be mainstreamed in development and revision of government policies and guidelines related to watershed management across three spheres of the government (local, provincial, and federal). At the field level, project ensures meaningful participation of women, and people from socially excluded group mostly Dalit, janajati, and other marginalized groups. User committees to implement the community-level activities will be formed inclusive. Project will prioritize women and people from socially excluded groups on capacity building events, and women friendly agriculture technologies will be introduced. The disaggregated data of the project beneficiaries will be maintained and disseminated accordingly.

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Project details:

Project Status Active
Project Period 1 December 2020 - 31 May 2024
Project ID 00127610
Focus Area Resilience and Environment
Collaborating Partners Department of forest and soil conservation, Siddhicharan Municipality, Manebhanjyang Rural Municipality, Chisankhugadhi Rural Municipality, Diktel Rupakot Majhuwagadhi Municipality, Halesi Tuwachung Municipality, Ainselukharka Rural Municipality, Kepilasgadhi Rural Municipality, Rawa besi Rural Municipality.
USD 7,900,000
  • GEF-LDCF: US$7million
  • UNDP TRAC: US$900,000
  • Government of Nepal Co-Financing: US$34,893,000



Contact CO Focal Point

Mr. Pragyajan Yalamber Rai
Portfolio Manager
Project Focal Point

Dr. Prem Prasad Paudel
National Project Manager
Email: prempaudel@dcrl.org.np