Government of Japan, Government of Nepal and UNDP to Promote Climate Resilience in Jajarkot

May 4, 2023

May 2, 2023. United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) together with the Government of Nepal, with assistance from the Government of Japan under the Japan Supplementary Budget and UNDP's Global Climate Promise have come together to promote climate resilience in Jajarkot. ‘Enhancing Human Security through Local Climate Actions’ project will be implemented in Nalgadh Municipality and Barekot Rural Municipality of Jajarkot District, in Karnali Province, and will develop a comprehensive approach to climate change adaptation and resilience through local actions.

The project will reach approximately 40,000 people, of which approximately 50 % will be women. The local level climate and human security framework will be developed to inform the local development plans; orient government officials and communities on resilience to climate change; create approximately 200 green jobs through support for climate adaptive agriculture practices; and help mitigate the disaster risks by building 3-green infrastructure (retaining wall, bioengineering and nature-based solutions) and support on clean energy to benefit 3,000 households.

Dr. Gopikrishna Khanal, Chief Secretary of Karnali Province, speaking at the project launch ceremony stated, “To tackle the impact of climate change, we need to work at the individual level, community level, provincial level, to the national level and beyond– we need to work together.”

Mr. Rajendra Sharma, Under-Secretary, National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Authority (NDRRMA) explained, “In order to design effective response mechanisms to climate change, we need to assess where and how the implications of disasters will be most felt, and how it will affect different people differently. NDRRMA has been undertaking various actions towards this end, and this new project is a welcome addition to complement our ongoing efforts to enhance climate resilience.”

The Government of Japan, which is providing financial support for the initiative, recognizes the significance of local climate actions for improving human security, thus building resilience.  Reaffirming its commitment to support Nepal's efforts to address climate change and build resilient communities, the Government of Japan expressed that they are pleased to support the targeted municipalities with the aim to develop a comprehensive approach to local actions to improve human security and livelihoods.

“At its core, the project aims to tackle the risks and root causes of disasters and climate vulnerabilities, that affect the local communities, particularly women in these two municipalities. They are on the front line of disaster; well informed, equipped and trained; and are best placed to act they could bring lasting solutions, solutions that are comprehensive and relevant to their realities. We are thankful to the Government of Japan for entrusting UNDP with this task, to deliver on Human Security and Climate action. We look forward to work closely with all partners,” stated UNDP Resident Representative in Nepal Ms. Ayshanie Medagangoda-Labe.

Ms. Sarita Sing, Deputy Mayor of Nalgadh Municipality said, "This project is the need of hour as we seek ways to address the risks of climate change. In Nalgad, we are already experiencing the impact of climate change and therefore welcome the opportunity to mitigate the risks it poses. We look forward to working together with UNDP and thank the Government of Japan."  

Mr. Bir Bahadur Giri, Chair of Barekot Rurual Municipality, opined, “We welcome this collaboration and hope that the Barekoti citizens will benefit from this initiative. The impacts of climate change can be felt in Barekot, and we hope to mitigate the risks arising from it through this project to build resilience to ensure environment friendly development." 
The project was launched on 2 May 2023 amid a function in Surkhet among national, provincial and local stakeholders. Through this new initiative, UNDP and the Government of Japan reaffirm its commitment to support Nepal's efforts to climate change adaptation and mitigation for human security, thus contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals.

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