Enhancing public awareness on COVID-19 through communications

June 2, 2020

Youth volunteers in Province 2 communicating about proper hand washing to prevent from the coronavirus.

Radio PSAs

UNDP has given priority on enhancing communication and public awareness about COVID-19 pandemic. In the mean time, through volunteer mobilization and other in coordination with different municipalities, UNDP is active also in the community engagement. UNDP has launched a nationwide live Phone-In radio program to help vulnerable people reach out to their local elected representatives for possible solutions. Special focus has been given to reach out to the vulnerable groups through Public Service Announcements (PSAs) using sign languages. This outreach programme has engaged celebrities including the film actors and comedians, and benefitted the women, marginalized communities and other vulnerable groups.


PSA-Celebrity's engagement

In this PSA, actor Rekha Thapa gives message on basic preventive measures to curb the spread of the COVID -19
Comedian Jitu Nepal spreading awareness on COVID-19

Doctor's Engagement

With the outbreak of the coronavirus, the spread of rumors was high than the virus so UNDP Nepal engaged with the doctors so that the public can get trust only reliable informations. 

Dr. Deepak Sundar Shrestha gives the factual information that, mosquitoe bites do not tranfer the coronavirus.

UNDP’s Covid Response Initiative prepared and produced 6 PSAs in different languages like Doteli, Maithili, Nepali, Bhojpuri and Tharu focusing on different issues like, the importance of social distance, quarantine, gender based violence. Those PSAs were broadcasted through local community radio like Radio Ramoroshan, Radio Sarathi, Radio Ninglashaini, Radio Bajura, Radio Suklaphanta, Radio Birgunj and Radio Sanobheri

PSAs in local languages

PSA's produced in local languages on different themes like the importance of going to the quarantine facility, gender-based violence diuring lockdown, stigma and others.

TV show on COVID-19

The corona special comedy show featured in "Mundreko comedy club" that was broadcasted fromNepal Television. In the programme  Dr. Hemanta and Dr. Poma from Department of Health’s share authentic messages, busted myths.  

Community Engagement

Over 50 youth volunteers are mobilized under UNDP's COVID19 Response Initiative in coordination with Dhanusha and Simraungadh Municipality which has played significant role in creating awareness on the coronavirus. 

Youth volunteers in Province 2 creating awareness about social distancing

They have been managing space for local farmers to sell vegetables at roadsides marking circles so that the social distance is maintained. They are teaching the handwashing techniques approved by WHO and also producing mithila arts with awareness messages. Moreover, in coordination with the respective municipality, the volunteers are also facilitating the returnees/migrant workers to stay in the quarantine facilities. Read more

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