Call for Volunteers: My Vote Matters Campaign

April 4, 2022


Nepal’s transformation from an autocratic monarchy to a democratic republic has introduced the development of new democratic institutions, and the current generation of Nepali youth, have a vital role in shaping the development of the country. Youth in Nepal constitute a distinct population of 40% and with no doubt, they should be actively involved and meaningfully engaged in the development processes.

Despite their large and growing numbers, youth are underrepresented in decision-making bodies and electoral processes. It is not surprising that “youth issues” are on the development agenda. According to the Election Commission of Nepal, 40 per cent of those elected to public office at the local level were youth. However, that figure dropped to 26.63 per cent in provincial assemblies, 14.09 per cent in the House of Representatives, and even lower to 6.77 per cent in the National Assembly. The numbers thus show a clear decline as we move from local to national-level politics—showing a need to engage young people throughout the distinct levels of political processes and decision-making.

Making youths aware of their rights would lead them to be active and responsible citizens. Efforts to mobilize and involve youth have been aimed at all levels including in political institutions, but these efforts are not meaningfully executed. Youths are taking to the streets and using online social networks and communities to connect, express their voices and campaign for change.

For the youth to express their voice and bring reforms in the government they must elect their representative who strongly relays their voice to the concerned authority. For this, it is vital for the young people to have the right to vote and utilize their rights.

Realizing this, UNDP and UNV Nepal are leading an online campaign “My Vote Matters" with the support of youths from across the country. The campaign aims of initiating a national movement to increase the number of aware youth voters in Nepal for the upcoming local elections.


  1. To make youths aged 18-29 (especially the first time and youth voters aware of voter education,
  2. To encourage and motivate youth and potential voters to vote and participate in electoral process
  3. To enhance the knowledge of youth regarding electoral process to make them a wise voter.
  4. To increase the social media reach of youth and first-time voters


To achieve the objectives mentioned above, the joint collaborator will perform the following activities from April- May 2022.

1.  Call for Volunteers
A nationwide call for volunteers will be announced on the social media platforms of UNDP Nepal and UNV Nepal. A total of 700 volunteers representing 7 provinces (100 volunteers from each province) and covering diverse communities will be onboarded and engaged digitally for 1 month for this campaign.

2.  Welcoming and induction of the volunteers
After the onboarding the volunteers, an online seminar will be held on voter education and opportunities with UNV especially on civic engagement sector. UNDP's ESP team, ECN and UNV will jointly facilitate this induction session.

3.   Voter Education outreach:
After the volunteers are well oriented about the voter education and electoral process, they will support on conducting the following activities:

 i.  Changing their profile picture with a frame “My Vote Matters”:

The online volunteers will be informed to change their profile picture of Facebook to the frame "My Vote Matters". The design of the frame will be jointly created by the ESP team of UNDP Nepal and UNV. Through this frame, a massive outreach and promotion on the value of voting will be relayed on social media platforms especially to women users.

 ii.  Promoting existing social media contents developed by Election Commission Nepal and ESP: The volunteers will be asked to share/post the flyer, videos, PSAs, and other social media contents through their personal social media handles so that their peers, friends, and family are well informed about voter education and electoral process. It is ensured that the contents are accessible for the PwD as well.

 iii.  Reach out to Challenge among volunteers- There will be a challenge among the volunteers to reach out to the maximum number of female voters. Three volunteers from each province with maximum reach will be provided with gifts/goodies.

Deadline: 17 April 2022

Applications link for each province:

1. Province 1:
Link 1:

Link 2:

2. Madhesh Province:
Link 1:

Link 2:

3. Bagmati Province:

Link 1:

Link 2:

4. Gandaki Province:

Link 1:

Link 2:

5. Lumbini Province:

Link 1:

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6. Karnali Province:

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7. Sudurpaschim Province:

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