Our focus

Mongolia and UNDP in action

Integrated development solutions driven by country priorities and UNDP’s new Strategic Plan.

Our Strategic Plan 2023-2027 introduces the evolution of #NextGenUNDP into #FutureSmartUNDP. More than a mantra, it is our new benchmark for success in the future of development. Building on UNDP’s 50 years of expertise across 170 countries, this new approach allows us to focus and prioritize where country demands are greatest. By working together in this way, we aim to expand people’s choices for a fairer, sustainable future, with people and planet in balance.


Our work

UNDP’s current focus is working towards the following national results and ensuring how our integrated signature solutions – powered by digitalization, innovation and development financing – are accelerating impact and scale in Mongolia: 

  • Diversified, inclusive and green economy 

  • Risk-informed climate adaptation and sustainable management of natural ecosystems, 

  • Women’s empowerment, inclusive and accountable governance, and progress towards achievement of the SDGs