Natural Resource Management and Biodiversity

Sustainable natural resource management and biodiversity conservation are critical components for the development and long-term sustainability of Mongolia's economy, society, and environment. With a vast and diverse ecosystem, Mongolia's natural resources provide crucial support to the livelihoods of millions of people, including nomadic herders, rural communities, and urban populations. However, unsustainable practices, such as overgrazing, deforestation, and mining, are threatening the delicate balance of the country's ecosystems, putting at risk the well-being of both its people and the environment. 

UNDP plays a vital role in promoting sustainable natural resource management and biodiversity conservation in Mongolia. Through its programs and initiatives, the UNDP supports the government and local communities in developing and implementing sustainable policies and practices that help protect the country's natural resources and promote economic growth. 

The UNDP also works to strengthen institutional capacities and raise awareness of the importance of sustainable natural resource management and biodiversity conservation among stakeholders, including policymakers, private sector actors, and civil society organizations. 

The UNDP's efforts in Mongolia are critical in ensuring that the country's natural resources are used in a sustainable manner that benefits current and future generations. By promoting sustainable practices, the UNDP helps to protect the biodiversity and ecological integrity of Mongolia's ecosystems, which is crucial for maintaining the health of its people, the resilience of its economy, and the sustainability of its environment.