First-Ever Women Judges Conference

April 4, 2023


The first-ever Maldives Women Judges Conference was organized by the Judicial Service Commission, in collaboration with the UNDP Maldives and the British High Commission in the Maldives.The conference was held to coincide with International Women's Day and International Day of Women Judges.

The conference aimed to provide a platform for women judges in the Maldives to share their experiences and challenges in their work environment. The conference was attended by a total of 22 women judges from Maldives and other renowned and highly prominent judges from the region.

The judges engaged in various discussions and sessions on topics such as gender equality in the legal profession, the importance of diversity in the judiciary, and the role of women judges in promoting access to justice.

The event was a significant step towards promoting gender equality and diversity in the judiciary, and it aimed to inspire more women to take up careers in the legal profession and judiciary. The judges also emphasized the importance of strengthening gender-sensitive legal frameworks and providing training and capacity-building opportunities for women judges.