Designing Effective Local Solutions

July 4, 2022


Social Innovation Platform (SIP) approach seeks to break with the traditional division between analysis and action based on real-time information on the perceptions of the community. UNDP Maldives Accelerator Lab and Agirre Lehendakaria Center (ALC) with guidance from the SDG Integration Unit of Bangkok Regional Hub are working on establishing a Social Innovation Platform (SIP) focused on Future of Work (FoW).

The establishment of SIP works from a deep immersion and listening process in each community, in its values and behaviors as the way to craft effective solutions. As the precursor to prototyping solutions, deep listening, collective sensemaking and co-creation are key steps towards building a portfolio of interventions on Future of Work (FoW)- a future where all youth, women, and others at risk of being left behind, contribute to and benefit from inclusive, resilient, and sustainable livelihood activities.

From initial stakeholder mapping to deep listening, collective sensemaking and co-creation, we have engaged more than two hundred people from 20 inhabited islands across the country and Greater Male’ Region. We validated our findings through two collective sensemaking sessions and conducted a combined co-creation session for Baa Goifulhafehendhoo in Fulhadhoo.

The co-creation session was pivotal in creating the space for individuals and institutions to merge local knowledge and experience around shared challenges and opportunities. Stakeholders from the local government, civil society, education sector and the communities of Baa Goifulhafehendhoo contributed widely and honestly to co-create solutions.

The people powered solutions seeks to empower women and youth, promote blue economy and sustainable local tourism. The emerging menu of interventions and how the pieces fit together for systemic impact helps us see the value of portfolio approach in doing development. We are excited to continue this journey.