Call for Proposals for NGOs to support the population of Zuwara through fisheries and aquaculture occupations.

Call for Proposals for NGOs to support the population of Zuwara through fisheries and aquaculture occupations.

September 4, 2022

UNDP seeks to promote sustainable economic growth in Zuwara by helping communities to diversify their livelihoods in fisheries and aquaculture occupations. With funds from the European Union, the development of productive assets and specialized training will boost their economic activity using the coastal resources.

This call for proposal is aimed at engaging with an NGO that will be in charge of:

  • Conducting a rapid sectoral assessment of the use of coastal resources for the economic growth in Zuwara.
  • Organizing expert training and exchange to ensure “know-how” and knowledge transfers on effective fishing practices and techniques, aquaculture etc.
  • Advertising and selecting business proposals in line with focus sub-sectors of use of coastal resources for economic growth.
  • Distributing productive assets and monitoring results.

Detailed objectives, related outputs, deliverables and key considerations are provided in terms of Reference – Annex I.

Eligibility and qualification criteria 

  • A non-governmental, , non-profit organization operating in Libya for at least three years;
  • A project in implementing distribution-in-kind or cash grants to households is an asset if proven with the reference;
  • Geographical areas of operation of the NGO match the selected municipality (Zuwara), or there is an ability to scale;
  • Availability of expertise in the use of coastal resources for economic growth or a proven ability to engage the partnering institution is required. Information on the invited experts or partners needs to be provided in writing in the submitted proposal.
  • Previous experience in conducting training in the context of livelihoods is a strong asset;
  • Previous experience in project administration from the UN agencies is a strong asset.
  • Availability of human resources that will ensure due quality and timely implementation of the contract. NGOs must have a team of at least four or more members satisfying the requirements that are provided in Terms of Reference (TOR) – Annex I.

The parameters that will determine whether an NGO is eligible to be considered by UNDP will be based on the Capacity Assessment and risk assessment that will be conducted by reviewing the information provided by the NGO through the Capacity Assessment Checklist (CACHE) and the Request from information (RFI) for NGO that should be duly completed and submitted alongside supporting documents request. 

Capacity Assessment Checklist (CACHE) For NGO template – Annex III.

Submission Process

Applicants shall bear all costs related to proposal preparation and submission.

Selected applicants must submit their proposals through email by the deadline: 5th October 2022 with the subject field “UNDP Libya 2022 Productive Assets Zuwara – Blue Economy.”

PLEASE make all efforts to provide your proposal not exceeding 10 MB size.

Interested NGOs may obtain further information or clarification by contacting the UNDP Libya office with the subject field “UNDP Libya 2022 Application for Productive Assets Zuwara Blue Economy: Request for information” to the following address: