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Legal Framework

UNDP Country Programme Document for Libya 2019-2022

Based on the UNDP comparative advantage in Libya and global network of knowledge and expertise, the country programme will contribute to two of the three UNSF outcome areas: strengthening governance and rule of law; and supporting sustained basic social services.

UNDP will provide support to transitional governance, strengthening the capacity of public institutions, promoting civic and political engagement, restoration of social infrastructure and services, spurring local economic recovery and building individual, community and institutional resilience and social

The country programme will contribute to the aim of the Strategic Plan, 2018-2022 to build resilience to shocks and crises
The country programme benefited from consultations with government and civil society counterparts, United Nations and international partners.

United Nations Strategic Framework 2019—2022

The United Nations Strategic Framework (UNSF) for Libya is designed to cover the period 2019-2022.
The UNSF 2019-2022 is a ‘light’, high-level framework that uses the Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as guiding logic of its results cluster architecture. UNSF impact and strategic outcome level results are linked to selected SDG targets taking into account emerging medium to long-term governmental priorities as per the Coordination Framework for International Cooperation for Libya.
The UN in Libya has decided to focus on the following three technical, thematic priority areas, all of which conform to the urgent and immediate needs in Libya as highlighted by recent assessments and consultations with national partners.
A- Governance and Rule of Law
B- Inclusive sustainable Economic Recovery and Growth
C- Enhanced sustainable Basic Service Delivery

United Nations Libya Common Country Analysis 2021

In preparation for a new United Nations Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework for Libya (2023—2025), the UN in Libya analysed the changing context and needs through this 2021 Common Country Analysis (CCA), in close coordination with humanitarian, development, and peacebuilding actors. The new Cooperation Framework will guide the UN’s collective development, stabilization, resilience, and peacebuilding interventions for the coming years in support of the Government and people of Libya.

In 1976, UNDP and the government of Libya entered into a standard basic agreement which would form the basis of UNDP's support to the country.

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