Promoting Rule of Law by improving equal access to justice and advancing language rights

Project Summary

Rule of Law and Access to Justice are one of the key requirements for Kosovo’s EU integration and achievement of the SDGs. Despite the progress, Kosovo continues to face challenges in ensuring equal access to justice and protection of human rights for all. While Kosovo has an adequate institutional and legal framework for the rights and protection of non-majority communities, the judicial institutions need to step up their efforts to ensure access to justice for all and people’s language rights in judicial proceedings.

The project will contribute to improve the functioning of the rule of law and access to justice in Kosovo. More specifically, the project is designed to support the Kosovo Judicial Council, and courts become more efficient in ensuring language rights in judicial proceedings for all community members and supporting the courts to manage cases and court archives more efficiently.

What we want to achieve 
To support equal access to justice for all through increased court efficienty, improved access to court case files, and through impreved access to language rights in judicial proceedings.

Expected results:

1.    Court archives improved.

2.    Centralized court translation services established.

3.    Visually impaired Legal Officers supported with technical equipment.  

Active (NEW)

Time Frame:
24 August 2023 – 24 June 2024

Kosovo wide

Focus Area:
Rule of Law and Access to Justice

The main beneficiaries of the project are: court users (people), judges, professional legal associates, legal officers, court clerks.

Kosovo Judicial Council (KJC), Basic Courts, Academy of Justice

UNMIK Programmatic Funds

USD 152, 550.00 USD

Marta K. Gazideda 
Governance and Peacebuilding Portfolio Manager/ Deputy Programme Coordinator
Tel: +383 38 249 066; 
Mob: +383 49 785 895

Ardian Latifaj
Project Manager
+381 38 249 066 (ext. 307)
Mob: +383 44 222 317