Diving into the history and nature of Machakhela Gorge

UNDP and the Agency of Protected Areas establish a state-of-art exhibition hall in Machakhela National Park

July 19, 2022
Photo: Irakli Dzneladze/UNDP

Exhibition hall in Machakhela National Park

Photo: UNDP/Irakli Dzneladze

A brand-new exhibition hall in the heart of Machakhela National Park opened its doors to visitors.

The exhibition hall helps navigate the rich history and dive into the unique nature of the Machakhela Gorge. Impressive collections include samples of minerals, dummies of rare mushrooms and plants, historic artefacts, and colourful installations showcasing how the Gorge’s environmental, economic and social landscapes have been developing over centuries. Interactive virtual tours assist tourists to choose their routes and enjoy the unforgettable Machakhela experience to the fullest.

The exhibition hall was established with UNDP support, by the Agency of Protected Areas of Georgia’s Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture. The Georgian National Museum designed and planned its premises and the non-governmental Association of Machakhela and Mtirala Protected Areas’ Friends contributed with expertise and technical support.

Deputy Minister of Environmental Protection and Agriculture Iuri Nozadze, Minister of Agriculture of the Ajara Autonomous Republic Zaza Shavadze, and UNDP Deputy Resident Representative Anna Chernyshova visited Machakhela National Park on 19 July to join the first visitors to the exhibition hall.

“Thanks to UNDP support, we arranged a modern exhibition hall at the visitors’ centre of Machakhela National Park. This great space meets the demands of people of any age and helps visitors to experience the Machakheli Gorge. It increases touristic interest in the region, which has a positive impact on the local communities' livelihoods"
Iuri Nozadze, Deputy Minister of Environmental Protection and Agriculture
“Georgia’s spectacular protected areas are so much more than just beautiful scenery. They preserve the history and culture and tell stories of the people’s everyday lives through generations. We should treasure this natural and cultural historic heritage, ensuring that Machakhela National Park and other protected areas continue serving people and the planet”
Anna Chernyshova, UNDP Deputy Resident Representative

Together with Mtirala and Kintrishi in Georgia and Turkey’s bordering Jamili Biosphere Reserve, Machakhela National Park is the latest in a chain of protected areas created to conserve the unique Colchic rainforests, safeguarded by the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Machakhela National Park absorbs thousands of tons of greenhouse gas emissions each month while providing livelihoods for over 3,000 households.

UNDP and GEF have been supporting Machakhela National Park since its establishment in 2012. This assistance is focused on ensuring the sustainable management of the protected area, improving biodiversity monitoring, and building sustainable economic and social opportunities for local communities.    

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