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Strong Partnerships, Stronger Impact - Working with Governments and IFIs for Development Results

Feb 24, 2017

The implementation of the SDGs requires leveraging all sources of finance – domestic and international – complementing and reinforcing each other.   As a development partner in nearly 170 countries, UNDP supports Governments in designing and implementing projects funded either from their own revenue, or from grants or loans provided by international financial institutions (IFIs).

The benefits of UNDP’s support to Governments to deliver their domestic resources, including loans, can include quality development results with savings in time and funds, and strengthened institutions and implementation capacity, reinforced by national ownership. 

This brochure presents UNDP's support to tripartite (Government-IFI-UNDP) collaboration for project implementation in a variety of settings and sectors, drawing on UNDP’s knowledge, global presence and administrative and operational expertise for effective project execution.