The Silent Majority Speaks

The Silent Majority Speaks

July 11, 2014

The focus of this report is on policy-driven considerations regarding sustainable return and the determinants of popular visions of the future of BiH, ideas on democratic governance, constitutional changes, international influence and social inclusion. The aim of this report therefore, is to study the ‘visions of the future’ of the population of BiH and the role of displacement and return in contemporary BiH. One key question is whether policies which support returnees and non-returnees are part of visions of the future, or if in fact, other priorities are more pressing.

The report interprets governance broadly to include issues such as the desired constitutional arrangements for BiH, perceptions of political institutions, and political priorities as well as issues of process, including the perceptions of corruption in the political process.

In other words,  this research represents  an important opportunity to give a voice to BiH’s ‘silent majority’, not least of all to provide a fact-based alternative to the political rhetoric which sometimes tends to dominate public discussion. In order to achieve these aims, a set of themes for more detailed examination were agreed with UNDP.

While each of the mentioned themes will be analysed in its own right using a range of statistical tools, the last section is used to pull all the various themes together and place them in a relational framework. Using correspondence analysis as multi-dimensional tool, the main goal will be to provide a presentation of the overall picture.