Using an approach based on partnership when addressing the challenges facing a country yields multiple benefits and facilitates a much broader and longer lasting impact of the actions taken. UNDP in Bosnia and Herzegovina is committed to establishing and strengthening strategic partnerships to endenger the most effective modality for providing support to the country and its citizens in their pursuit of long-term sustainable development and a better quality of life, in a free, democratic society.   

Our work is only made possible by the genuine commitment of our partners. UNDP in Bosnia and Herzegovina has built a large number of strong partnerships with governmental institutions at all levels, international partners and civil society organisations, in order to make optimum use of development assistance and enhance cooperation in the country.

We thank all our partners for their generosity, persistence and determination in supporting Bosnia and Herzegovina on its way to a prosperous and secure tomorrow.

UNDP's key partners in Bosnia and Herzegovina are:

Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina

State Level Institutions 

Federation of BiH's, Republika Srpska's and Brčko District's Institutions

Cantonal Level Institutions

Self-Governance Units (cities and municipalities)


  • Government of Austria/ADA
  • Government of Belgium
  • Government of Canada/CIDA
  • Government of Czech Republic
  • Government of Denmark
  • Government of Germany/GTZ
  • Government of Greece
  • Government of Ireland
  • Government of Italy
  • Government of Japan
  • Government of Netherlands
  • Government of Norway
  • Government of Spain/AECID
  • Government of Sweden/SIDA
  • Government of Switzerland/SDC
  • Government of United Kingdom/DFID
  • Government of USA

Civil Society Organizations

UN Agencies


Involvement in individual projects and technical assistance:

Funds, Fundations, International Organizations and Private Sector Partners